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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
go tov.sēcanview
to itadv.þæ_rtō 
up toprep.geond +acc
up toprep. 
come tov.sēcanview
have tov.sculanview
near toadj.gehende +dat
sing tov.undersinganview
to comeadj.tōweard 
to fartv.feortan 
agree tov.tīþian 
bring tov.feccanview
bring tov.gefeccan 
attend tov.cēpan 
belong tov.belimpanview
belong tov.tōlōcianview
go to ruinv.hrēosanview
ride up tov.beridan 
to meet himphr.him tōgēanes 
according toprep.be 
according toadv.æfter 
according toæfter 
belonging togelong 
come to passv.ālimpanview
be allowed tov.mōtanviewconditional
be obliged tov.sculanview
cause to sinkv.besencan 
give birth tov.ācennan 
place to livenn.setl 
put to flightv.āflīman 
put to flightv.āflȳman 
put to flightv.geflīeman 
bring to lightv.ābæ_ran 
give a name tov.namianview
in addition toconj.ēac 
it seems to mephr. þyncþ 
stone to deathv.ofweorpanview
tear to piecesv.ābītan 
tear to piecesv.tōbregdanview
tear to piecesv.tōteran 
to some extentbe dæ_le 
to speak truthv.sōðsecgan 
be committed tov.cnodan 
break to piecesv.ābēatan 
have to do withv.bēon ymbe 
pay attention tov.onmunan 
scourge to deathv.ofswinganview
attach oneself tov.geþēodian 
attach oneself tov.þēodian 
I invite you to...phr.Ic gelaðie þē in.... 
pertaining to Lentadj.lencten 
it had seemed to himphr.wæs him geþūht