Verb Inflexions for ofweorpan

ofweorpan (v.), to stone to death.

Infinitive: ofweorpan
Inflected infinitive: tō ofweorpenne
Present participle: ofweorpende
Past participle: ofworpen

  Singular Plural
  First person Second person Third person  
Present Indicative ic ofweorpe þū ofwierpst hit ofwierpþ hīe ofweorpaþ
Present Subjunctive ic ofweorpe þū ofweorpe hit ofweorpe hīe ofweorpen
Preterite Indicative ic ofwearp þū ofwurpe hit ofwearp hīe ofwurpon
Preterite Subjunctive ic ofwurpe þū ofwurpe hit ofwurpe hīe ofwurpen
Imperative   ofweorp   ofweorpaþ

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