Verb Inflexions for ofswingan

ofswingan (v.), to scourge to death.

Infinitive: ofswingan
Inflected infinitive: tō ofswingenne
Present participle: ofswingende
Past participle: ofswungen

  Singular Plural
  First person Second person Third person  
Present Indicative ic ofswinge þū ofswingst hit ofswingþ hīe ofswingaþ
Present Subjunctive ic ofswinge þū ofswinge hit ofswinge hīe ofswingen
Preterite Indicative ic ofswang þū ofswunge hit ofswang hīe ofswungon
Preterite Subjunctive ic ofswunge þū ofswunge hit ofswunge hīe ofswungen
Imperative   ofswing   ofswingaþ

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