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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
atæt "at"
get atv.geræ_canview
at handadj.gehende +dat
at lastadv.ænextan 
at lastadv.æt nīehstan 
at onceadv.āne 
at onceadv.sōna 
at onceadv.ætsamne 
look atv.gescēawian 
look atv.scēawianview
work atv.geswincanview
work atv.swincanview
at firston fruma 
laugh atv.āhliehhan 
stand atv.ætstandanview
not at all 
not at alladv.nāht 
not at alladv.nāteshwōn 
not at allnealles 
not at allnoht 
not at allnæs 
at midnightprep. midre niht 
at one timeadv.āne 
at the top ofadj.ufeweard 
godson at confirmationnm.biscopsunu 
lending money at interestnn.feohgafol