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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
youprn.ēowview2nd person acc. pl.
youprn.ēowicview2nd person acc. pl.
youprn.view2nd person nom. pl.
youprn.þēview2nd person acc. sing.
youprn.þēcview2nd person acc. sing.
youprn.þūview2nd person nom. sing.
with youprn.ēowview2nd person acc. pl.
you (two)prn.gitview2nd person nom. dual
you (two)prn.incview2nd person acc. dual
you (two)prn.incerview2nd person acc. dual
Thank you.phr.Ic þancie þē. 
I love you.phr.Ic lufie þē. 
Who are you?phr.Hwæt eart þū? 
with you (two)prn.incview2nd person acc. dual
Can I help you?phr.Mæg ic þē helpan? 
What do you want?phr.Hwæt wilt þū? 
I invite you to...phr.Ic gelaðie þē in.... 
with you, with theeprn.þēview2nd person acc. sing.
When do you serve dinner?phr.Hwonne þegnast þū ǣfenmete?