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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
withprep.mid +dat, +instr
with itprn.himview3rd person m. dat./instr. sing.
with meprn.view1st person dat./instr. sing.
with usprn.ūsview1st person acc. pl.
with herprn.hireview3rd person f. gen. sing.
with himprn.himview3rd person m. dat./instr. sing.
with himprn.hineview3rd person m. acc. sing.
with youprn.ēowview2nd person acc. pl.
meet withv.geferan 
with themprn.heomview3rd person dat./instr. pl.
with themprn.himview3rd person m. dat./instr. sing.
drape withv.behon 
with shameadv. scamu 
with insultadv.hūxlīce 
with purityadv.sȳferlic 
cohabit withv.gehæ_man 
cohabit withv.hæ_man 
collide withv.hnītanview
be angry withv.ābelgan 
be angry withv.onstinganview
dispense withv.forþolian 
have sex withv.gehæ_man 
have sex withv.hæ_man 
intimate withadj.gehende +dat
with us (two)prn.uncview1st person acc. dual
with you (two)prn.incview2nd person acc. dual
find fault withv.lēan 
have to do withv.bēon ymbe 
honey with combnn.bēobrēad 
with longing forprep.æfter 
cover with liquidv.begeotan 
pierce with a stakev.stacan 
provide with horsesv.gehorsian 
treat with ignominyv.gebismrian 
with you, with theeprn.þēview2nd person acc. sing.
adorned with boneworkadj.bānfāg 
have intercourse withv.gehæ_man 
have intercourse withv.hæ_man 
conflict with the wavesnn.ȳþgewinn 
with frost on the wingsadj.īsigfeðera