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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
cry outv.cirman 
cry outv.hrīemanview
fit outv.gesierwanview
bore outv.āstinganview
burn outv.ācēocian 
call outv.ācleopian 
call outv.clipianview
call outv.clypian 
cast outv.āweorpan 
find outv.cunnian 
find outv.gefrignanview
hold outv.þurhwunianview
mete outv.gemetanview
mete outv.metanview
sing outv.āsinganview
take outv.ātēon 
wear outv.āwerian 
break outv.āberstanview
break outv.āþringanview
break outv.ūtāberstanview
burst outv.āberstanview
burst outv.ūtāberstanview
carry outv.forðian 
carry outv.gelæ_stan 
carry outv.gewyrcanview
carry outv.wyrcanview
carry outv.þurhtēon 
drive outv.ādrīfanview
drive outv.ādræ_fan 
drive outv.oþþringanview
press outv.oðspringan 
reach outv.ræ_canview
think outv.smēaganview
search outv.ātreddanview
search outv.fandianvieww.g. but also w.d.
search outv.gefandianvieww.g. but also w.d.
stretch outv.āstreccanview
stretch outv.bræ_danview
look out forv.cēpan 
put out the eyes ofv.āblendan 
set out on a journeyv.āsettan 
set out on a journeyv.fundian 
set out on a journeysiþ