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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
fromfram +dat
fromprep.fram +dat
fromprep.of +dat
from afaradj.feorran 
from hereadv.heonan 
from hereheonon 
from nearadj.nean 
from amongprep.of +dat
from thereadv.þanon 
differ fromv.tōstandanview
from withinprep.innan +dat
benefit fromv.brūcanview
deviate fromv.āhyldan 
from outsideadv.ūtan 
from outsideadv.ūtane 
from the eastadj.ēastan 
from that timeadv.þæs 
from the northadj.norðan 
from the southadv.sūþan 
take away fromv.ætþringanview
break away fromv.berstanview
fire from heavennn.heofonfȳr 
army from a fleetnm.flothere 
weary from illnessv.ādlwērig