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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
a certainadj.sumview
like a kingadv.cynelīce 
of a palaceadj.palentlic 
take a wifev.wīfianview
draw a swordv.bregdanview
make a noisev.hlȳdan 
make a speechv.maðelian 
stake a claimv.mæ_rsian 
tail of a cownm.cūtægl 
give a name tov.namianview
for a long timeadj.lange 
for a long timelange 
for a long timelanglice 
for a long timeadv.langlīce 
for a long timeadv. langre fierst 
space of a footnn.fotmæ_l 
hedge of a fieldnm.æcerhege 
mouth of a rivernm.mūþa 
taking of a wifenf.wīfungview
army from a fleetnm.flothere 
deliver a messagev.ābēodanview
establish a trucev.fæstnianview
passage in a booknf.stōwview
formed like a keeladj.cēlod 
fracture of a bonenm.bānbryce 
fracture of a bonenn.bāngebrec 
slayer of a priestnm.sācerd-bana 
slaying of a thiefnf.þēofslege 
in a miraculous wayadv.wundorlīce 
people of a countrynn.landfolc 
people of a countrynn.landlēode 
pierce with a stakev.stacan 
without a beginningadj.unbegunnen 
beginning of a monthnm.cālend 
defender of a bridgenm.brycgweard 
set out on a journeyv.āsettan 
set out on a journeyv.fundian 
set out on a journeysiþ 
value of a human lifenn.wergild 
bring a charge againstv.wrēgan 
child of a royal housenn.cynebearn