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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
forfore +dat
ask forv.ābiddan 
ask forv.biddanview
beg forv.giernan 
pay forv.forgyldan 
care forv.freoþian 
care forv.gyman 
for longadv.lange 
pray forv.ābiddan 
wait forv.ābīdanview
wish forv.wȳscan +gen
search forv.sēcanview
for certainadv.cūþlīce 
look out forv.cēpan 
cow for killingnf.metecūview
food for winternn.wintersufel 
for a long timeadj.lange 
for a long timelange 
for a long timelanglice 
for a long timeadv.langlīce 
for a long timeadv. langre fierst 
lay in wait forv.ymbsierwanview
with longing forprep.æfter 
payment for theftnn.þēofgild 
struggling for lifeadj.līfbysig 
oak for shipbuildingnf.scipāc 
wheelbarrow for dungnf.meoxbearwe 
time for bloodlettingnf.blōdlǣstīd 
name of the rune for inn.īsview
compensation for murdernn.wergild