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Modern English Part of Speech Old English Inflections Notes
youprn.þūview2nd person nom. sing.
thouprn.þūview2nd person nom. sing.
Hello.phr.Hāl wes þū. 
Hello.phr.Wes þū hāl. 
Goodbye.phr.Hāl wes þū. 
Goodbye.phr.Wes þū hāl. 
Farewell.phr.Hāl wes þū. 
Farewell.phr.Wes þū hāl. 
Who are you?phr.Hwæt eart þū? 
What do you want?phr.Hwæt wilt þū? 
When do you serve dinner?phr.Hwonne þegnast þū ǣfenmete? 
And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.phr.Ic secge, þæt þū (Peter) eart stǣnen, and ofer þisne stān ic timbrie mīne cirican