Verb Inflexions for godspellian

godspellian (v.), to preach the gospel.

Infinitive: godspellian
Inflected infinitive: tō godspellienne
Present participle: godspelliende
Past participle: godspellod

  Singular Plural
  First person Second person Third person  
Present Indicative ic godspellie þū godspellast hit godspellaþ hīe godspelliaþ
Present Subjunctive ic godspellie þū godspellie hit godspellie hīe godspellien
Preterite Indicative ic godspellode þū godspellodest hit godspellode hīe godspellodon
Preterite Subjunctive ic godspellode þū godspellode hit godspellode hīe godspelloden
Imperative   godspella   godspelliaþ

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