deogol - HTML steganography tool [-cdes] [-f custom_filter] [--noise] [message_file]


Deogol embeds a small message into an HTML container file without increasing its size or changing the non-tag text of the file. An HTML container file produced by Deogol (containing an embedded secret message) will be indistinguishable by a browser from the original HTML file used to produce it.

The container file is read from stdin. The message is supplied as a commandline parameter (see above) and the modified container is written to stdout.


-c,--capacity Print the capacity of the container in bytes and exit.
-d,--decode Decode a message from the container file, and write it to the message file supplied.
-e,--encode [Default] Read a message from the message file supplied, and encode it in the container file.
-f,--filter If in encoding mode, run the message through custom_filter before encoding. If in decoding mode, run the extracted message through custom_filter after decoding.

Filters must accept input on stdin and write output to stdout, e.g. the -f option must be used with gzip and gunzip if used as a filter.

The command custom_filter may be any valid UNIX command, including a sequence of piped commands; if a pipe or other character meaningful to the shell is used, custom_filter must be quoted.

-s,--size Print the size of the message in bytes and exit. Note this is not necessarily this size of message file, but the size of the message after any filter has been run.
--noise, --random Generate random data and fill the container with it.


The Deogol web page,


Stephen Forrest